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Welcome to lair_or_lab  ~!

As this is Nikola's lair, he requires at least one bottle of decent wine at the door. Don't steal anything. Don't touch anything. Don't read any of his notes pertaining to world domination plots. Minions are not pets. Please don't feed them.

maintained by ellymelly  and nikolat3sla 
Feel free to post whatever you choose relating to Nikola Tesla, (hisorical or sanctuary) and JY. Fics, fanmixes, music videos, icons, wallpapers, sketches, meta, polls, spoilers - everything is welcome here.

Spoiler Policy:
If something has been aired or been publically released, it can be posted here.

Do not post any form of illegal material in this community (as defined in Livejournal's terms of service).

Large images and large amounts of text should preferably go behind a livejournal cut.

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